Netapp: Impostare una notifica email quando una quota utente è in allarme con DFM

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Tramite Data Fabric Manager, attualmente installabile su win2003 o 2008, è possibile configurare quanto in oggetto seguendo questi steps:

1=> Set your email server @ Setup -> Options -> Events and Alerts

2=> Look at the default quota thresholds @ Setup -> Options -> Default Thresholds

3=> Set your e-mail domain-name @ Setup -> Options -> Users. You can leave this field empty if you specify complete e-mail address at User settings page @ step7.

4=> Check that you set the credentials for the storage systems (which have user quotas) being monitored in DFM using dfm host set <storage system> hostlogin=xxxx hostpassword=xxxx.
This is needed for the discovery of User quotas. Once the credentials are set, re-discover the storage system using ‘dfm host discover <storage_system>’.
This is required to keep DFM to have up-to-date information with respect to storage system.

5=> Wait for few mins (till userquotas mon completes) and launch “User Quotas All” Report (Go to Control Center -> Home -> Group Status -> File SRM/Quotas -> Report -> User Quotas, All)

6=> “User Quotal, All” page will show you all the usernames for whom quotas are configured.

7=> Add an alarm @ Setup -> Alarms (pay attention with recipients)



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